No search in subforum, only the forum as a whole?


It seems like when I click on the search icon on the forum it brings up a new window to search the whole forum. No way to filter to specific subforums there either.
It just brings up thousands of results from the feedback discussions - through engine related stuff - all the way to community chit-chat.

Maybe others have already made posts about this issue, I don’t know, I searched for it, but you know… :slight_smile:


Yeah, seems that we’re no longer able to search in subforums and this has made the search functionality complete useless. I no longer see any result relevant to my search… :frowning:

This has added more difficulty onto platform development. For example, before I could find specific topics only in the PS4 subforum, now it’s impossible to get a relevant result at all.


Yeah, ran into this as well. Pretty unfortunate, very frustrating.

Sometimes I see an additional search icon by the forum title, and sometimes I don’t, but regardless when you do manage to click on it, the resulting search page shows zero indication that it’s searching through the subforum.

This new forum has absolute ■■■■ UX!

The search functionality becomes useless!!

Cross-posting for wider visibility :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. Hope it gets here again soon.

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Hey folks!

Search functionality has been added. Please keep in mind, though; it is at the top right, as seen below.

Please keep in mind, though, that the other magnifying glass will take you to a simplified search, currently.