No rotation on camera?

Hey all. Seeing something weird. Anyone else seen this?

In my shooter character I animate the camera a fair bit, proning, leaning that kind of thing. I’ve usually just used camera->SetRelativeLocation and its worked fine. But I figured that leaning needed rotation on the first person view, so I changed it to camera->SetRelativeLocationAndRotation with an interpolated rotation value etc.

Only… well… I don’t seem to be actually seeing any camera rotation. I’ve changed the rotation values and they definitely SHOULD be set to something. But it appears they aren’t for some reason.

Anyone seen any issues with it? I assume not and I’m doing something dumb, but you never know. I guess my next step is to print out the rotation values and check they have something in. Bleh :slight_smile:

The camera component is probably being told to use the pawn’s controller rotation.
Do a search on bUsePawnControlRotation.

Are you using a custom player camera manager?
I’d recommend one, as it a good place to do, well, everything camera related :stuck_out_tongue:

My biggest issue with player camera manager, is that it basically doesn’t manage camera’s at all, but viewports. Which REALLY annoys the **** out of me. Agreed though I should probably have a look at writing a custom version that actually does what it says.