No response from the Marketplace for months.

A few months ago I started the process of submitting my plugin, Skeletronix (request 31162) , to the marketplace. However, it has been months since I have gotten a response to my emails. I am wondering if Skeletronix is still in consideration for the marketplace, if my emails are being received, or if I have done something wrong. I don’t mean to be troublesome, I just haven’t received any type of status update in quite a while and don’t know how to properly get in touch.

Hey BlackRang, sorry to hear that. Have you tried contacting Stephanie or Reuben directly on the forums? They will be able to help you out. Your submission probably got lost in the system, which is unfortunate but has happened from time to time. Good luck!

Plugins aren’t published at this moment; I have some I’d like to sell there as well, but the only plugin I know of in Marketplace is Substance. Once they manage to make launcher install code plugins from Marketplace I think we shall hear from them… Some day…

Thanks, I figure it got lost somewhere during holiday break.

@BrUnO XaVIeR Its a project code plugin not and engine one, so it only need to copy the folder as far as I know. They had me send my files in for evaluation.

Still, they are not publishing any C++ code, plugins or not.