No response from Epic MegaGrants


I ran into an incomprehensible situation around EpicMegaGrants. I would like to hear your experience and opinion on this matter.

On June 9, I applied for EpicMegaGrant, described the project, attached a demo version of the .apk file. For 3 months I did not receive any response, and then I received a letter that they needed more time to consider the application. After that, a long time has passed, but there is no answer.
One would think that my application was rejected, if not for one thing. My application is networked and all actions in it are logged. Looking at the logs, I can confidently say that during these 6 months my application did not even start.
What does this mean? Was my application rejected at an early stage, has not yet reached its turn, or is it lost somewhere?

What do you think about this, share your experience?

Thanks !

That sounds like they hadn’t gotten around to checking it out yet

It means your thing wasn’t cool/popular enough for them to even look at. In another couple months, you will receive automated denial letter, still with no activity logged.

EPIC Megagrants are very unreliable. I feel like Epic is interested in gathering quality applications for its benefits. I submitted an application in September, 2020. It was supposed to let an applicant know its decision in three months. But I have not heard from Epic until now. I have sent emails for its decision. Don’t waste your time with this grant. Very disappointing grant procedure.