No releases for this week either?

As title says we get nothing this week either?

I believe they may still be working on the back-end maintenance and upgrades Jon Jones alluded to last week. The sale was seemingly postponed as well. He said we’ll know more soon, so all we can do at the moment is sit tight. =)

It should be today

Well, the way I see it… the longer the wait… the better the payout. I really hope there is some good stuff waiting for us when the marketplace does go back up. I’m eager to see what I can use in my project and I’m sure you guys all feel the same.

Check the first thread.

"Hi there!

We will be releasing a bit late this week due to some minor technical difficulties. We have resolved them now so release will be rolling out tomorrow with 15 awesome packs!

As always if you guys have questions poke us!



There’s 15 new releases up today. They’re already up.

holy **** I didn’t knew that they’re up already thx man

A bit of a rant but I find most of the items in the marketplace lacks a level of detail that an engine like UE4 demands and best suited to mobile games development rather than what would be considered nextGen desktop. With the Arch Vis section now open here is hoping that a window is a window and not just another painted box.

There are some great assets with high quality and some very good blueprints and I agree there are some that are very bad quality or for mobile but every market has good products and bad ones , it’s up to us to decide and review them

Everyone just buy the Ultra Dynamic System and they’ll be happy:) Everett Gunther is the man.