No provision and certificat found ios error shipping

Hi there, I’ve come across another hurdle on my way when I tried to build my iOS app for shipping.
I checked for Shipping and Distribution in my packaging Settings, but I get an error that no Provision profile and certificate was found for Distribution. I have tested the game on iphones using development files (which are highlighted in green) but unfortunately the ones for Distribution aren’t. Can someone tell me what UE4 is doing here? What do I Need to fix?
PS: I am Building the game using a mac as a remote Server in my Network (Project contains c++ Code). UE4 is running on Windows. Xcode on mac. Successfully deploying on test device with development packaging.

Forget it, my Provision Profile was for Ad Hoc and not APP-Store. After importing the new one it showed a green checkmark (not highlighting it in green though) and it packaged