No PostProcessEffect/Black Screen when launched in Full-Screen Standalone

Hello guys,
i’ve updated my project from 4.10 to 4.11.2 and since that i’m experiencing issues with PostProcessEffects not getting displayed properly in the standalone version of my game if it is run as full-screen. When launching the game from the editor as standalone it works perfectly (in window mode), however when cooking the game and launching it i’m getting the following bug :

  • PostProcessEffects do not get shown/blended properly. (See attached screenshot)

I’m running out of ideas here, i deleted my Saved Folder, recooked everything, deleted the output folder and redid cooking/building again, copied the default configuration files from the editor. Doesn’t seem to work.

Supposed to be like this :

and how it looks like in standalone version when started as full-screen :

The issue also comes up when the player goes under water and the underwater volume is activated, rendering the underwater effect pitch black instead of transparent. I was able to reproduce the issue all the time when launching the game in Full-Screen Mode using the settings :


Some Update:
This appears to be happening only when the game is launched in full-screen mode. When launched in Window-Mode the PostProcessEffects Error is gone.

The issue seems to appear only when directly launching in full-screen mode, when switching from window-mode to full-screen at a later stage the problem does not reappear. We will continue investigating the issue until we have found a solution. If anyone got an idea how to fix this any help would be greatly appreciated. The issue does not appear in 4.10 versions.

Hello Burnz,

Can you reproduce this in a blank project using some simple assets and steps, or does this only occur in your project?

Is this a code or a blueprint project from the Epic Games Launcher or from GitHub?

Can you provide me with some steps to get this to occur on my end?

There were some reported post process issues with 4.11 that have been fixed for the official 4.12 release. Just for kicks, try upgrading your project again to 4.12 preview to see if you get the same issue?

Thank you,

Hello Andrew,
yes i could reproduce it. I followed your suggestion and updated to 4.12p5 which does indeed fix the issue, however it appears that 4.12 seems to break movies being streamed onto an image in UMG now in full-screen. In PIE/Editor i can see the clip, works fine also when hitting Play but doesn’t work in a standalone build anymore. The weird thing is, i have a 2nd clip that is played exactly the same way as the first and it plays fine.

Glad your initial issue was resolved. For tracking purposes, could you please create a new post for the new issue, so others experiencing a similar problem can find a solution. I will say there is a current and known issue with Media Players causing Blueprint functions to not work, UE-27269. You could be running into this exact problem.

I am going to mark this issue as resolved and you can continue your bug reporting on the newly created post for the other issue if needed.

Thank you,