No Plugins menu option in one project

I’m writing a UE4 plugin and yesterday went through the Plugins menu and removed any plugin that I didn’t need. Mobile, analytics, video players, anything I didn’t need I removed- figuring I could add back anything I mistakenly removed. I’d wanted to avoid problems with unneeded plugins getting deprecated or changed, and to ensure I didn’t accidentally the demo projects with unused third-party plugins such as Substance or Houdini Engine.

Now though when I open this project I don’t have a Plugins menu option. Other project still have it in the ‘Edit’ menu but not this one.

Is there any chance I somehow managed to remove the Plugins menu itself when removing plugins, and is there any way to bring it back without rolling back to a previous version?

Okay- sorry for this but naturally as soon as I post I manage to fix it myself.

It seems the plugin menu is a plugin itself- it’s called ‘PluginBrowser’. To fix things I just opened the .uproject in a text editor and enabled that manually.

Cheers that you solved it yourself.