No PlayerCharacter BluePrint, breaks many tutorials

I am trying to follow along with “Quickshot” tutorials on using Blueprint. For example, this one:

However, when I get to about 1:37 into the video, the demonstrator uses a “Player Character” blueprint.

There is no “Player Character” blueprint included with Unreal Engine 4.6.0. There is no “PlayerCharacter” blueprint either. There are only “MyCharacter” blueprints which do not seem to work at all with the techniques that are demonstrated in the tutorial.

I even tried this with the Third-Person template, but there’s not even a “Spawn Actor from Blueprint.”

They just made three little changes :slight_smile:

  1. User the “spawn actor from class” to spawn your projectile
  2. use the “get control rotation” for the rotation
  3. they just use an ordinary character bp → they just gave the bp another name :wink: (right click - blueprint - character)

A small hint → dont search for an exact name, because names can change with new versions + when you cant find something, disable “context sensitive” in the search bar :wink:

This screenshot is from the latest version of the UE4 ^^ → check if you really use a character bp (at the top right corner you can see the class name → character.h). Otherwise add a “get pawn” node and then connect it with the target from the get control rotation