No platform for windows on 4.12.5

I want to download 4.12.5 but when I looked at the platforms to select to install, there is no Windows platform. If I was to release something I would want it on windows but im not sure If I would be able to do that. Also no platform for Xbox or Playstation.

Same problem here.


Please open up your Epic Games Launcher and click on the arrow beside “Launch” for 4.12.5. Once the menu has popped up, click on “Options” and make sure all of those boxes are selected and press “apply”.

After that’s been added, close the Launcher and reopen it, and open the Editor. The platforms should show up.

If you’re trying to package for Xbox or Playstation, you’ll need to review our specified forum area for that.

Thank you!

still doesn’t work

Nevermind, it worked xD

Thank you, It worked!