No Persona Graph mode in OSX??

I want to use the graph mode in the Persona editor, but it doesn’t exist in the OSX version?

I just upgraded to 4.10.1 and Created a new C++ Third Person project.

I navigated to the Animations in the content browser, double clicked the ThirdPersonIdle animation, and it opened in the editor.

I see modes for Skeleton, Mesh, and Animation, but there is no option for Graph.

So you can’t actually edit animation blueprints in the OSX version?? I don’t have a Windows PC!


Hmm, I get it on the Animation Blueprint but not win the Skeletal Mesh Editor - try clicking the magnifying glass next to the Animation BP name, then double clicking that.

Dumb question - how do you know that you’re looking at a blueprint in the content browser vs any other type of file?

Oh - I got it - If you view as ‘details’ instead of ‘tiles’ it tells you the type of file - I found the animation blueprint - opened that - I get the graph.