No open-source games?

Hi, I don’t know if my question is naive, but I’m new here so please dont roast me just yet.

I’ve downloaded the Unreal Engine two weeks ago because I had an idea for a game and I wanted to challenge myself in this area. I’m coming from graphic design so I dont know a lot about programming but I’ve been wondering why is there no open source games being developed!

I know about Unreal Tournament and it is being built with some help from the community, but it doesnt seem like what I imagined. There are so many programs that are open source, why cant games be like that? I’m sure I’m missing something here really obvious and just wanted to be enlightened by you guys.

The learning part of the Epic Launcher has examples with code you can learn from.

Because modern games need a ginormous amount of custom content and the people creating that like to get paid :smiley:

There are open source games. However Unreal cannot be open source, yes we have code for engine but it is not on open source license. So no game you make with unreal can have open source license. But you can share Your game code freely (separate from unreal code). Ther is slight difference between open source software and software with released code.

About source code and examples , you can find lots of them, then there is whole website with unreal documentation and also examples. You can also dig here in various forums, when you learned a bit and know which keywords to search for your problem (that was hardest part of learning for me, knowing how to name things to get results about what i need).

You can make open source games with UE4.

Just because UE4 is not open source doesn’t mean the code and assets for your game can’t be.

Well actually maybe someone can help me with that? I’m not certain in what to search but my first idea for a game would be with a weapon that shot a projectile that followed the player’s pointer. Meaning, i would like to shoot once and while im pressing my key, the projectile would change its trajectory to where im aiming. Good for corners and requires some skill.

Now, i searched A LOT and found the physics handle, but it’s really hard to override what it can do. I also found a “click and go” alternative, where the projectile teleports to where im looking, not where im facing. Meaning that if a wall stood between me and my target, the projectile would go to the wall.

I know that this is off-topic but maybe it’s not worth to write another thread just for this… Thank you for all the replies by the way! :wink: