No On Focus Received event node


I’ve created new widget blueprint (Add new → User interface → Widget Blueprint). I want to add logic to OnFocusReceived event but there is no node for it. However OnFocusLost is available. Why is that? I’ve noticed that there is overridable function OnFocusReceived. Is this the reason there is no node?

thanks in advance

OnFocusReceived needs to return an FEventReply and so it has to be a K2 node (an overridable function) Whereas OnFocusLost returns nothing, and so can be a simple event.

So because OnFocusLost doesn’t return any value it can be implemented either by overriding a fucntion “OnFocusLost” or by handling event “OnFocusLost”. However since events doesn’t return values, OnFocusReceived can be only inplemented by means of overriding fuction “OnFocusReceived”.