No obb found or store key to try download


I am try to package my game for Android and send my .apk file to my friends to let them try and give feedback. But when I package it for android it extracts an apk, obb file and a bat file. When i install it from apk it shows the error No obb found or store key to try download and closes the app.

Since this will be an alpha test I don’t care about store key or etc. How can I disable this? Is there any way to crate an apk without storekey or obb?

I find this but I found it over complicated. I don’t think this much configuration would be necessary for just creating apk that runs?

Thank you.

I’ve found the answer for my problem since I don’t have a very large game I can put all assets into my apk file. It is achieved by enabling this over the project settings.


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