No obb files


Got a problem that i can’t solve alone. When I package my game for Android, I dont have any OBB files. I only have one .bat and one .apk files.

The game works perfectly on windows but it crash instantly when I try to lauch it on my Android devices, even when I install it with the .bat file.

I also looked for a solution and i’m not sure if its a problem with a “keystore” thing.

Ok, so I solved the problem with obb file missing. If somoene else has got the same problem, go into Project settings → and uncheck Use Pak File, Generate Chunks, Include Prerequisites and Package .pak in APK

Thank you for responding to this!

Hey guys! How can I upload the OBB file to play store? It’s only allowing me to upload apk files :confused:

Not working at all, can you provide more details on how it worked?

Hey Styla-rox.
If report error is :OBB may have exceeded 2 GiB limit.
How I to do? Wait your answer.
Thansk first.