No Next-Gen Documentation and incomplete EOS Documentation


is there any chance of getting a Documentation for Next-Gen Consoles and a full documentation of integrating EOS to consoles?
UE4 started in 2014 with a rather good fundation of documentation but it seams there are no real updates made to it. Especially consoles documentation are outdated by years while massive changes where made any everyone needs to invest weeks or even month investigating what was changed and how to get the game working again.

This is an absolute nogo and for PS5 for example is 0 documentation available, several month after the launch of the console. Will there ever be an up to date documentation?

Hi PolygonArt_WEN, I will pass on that request for documentation. I can certainly understand how not having docs for next-gen consoles would be frustrating.

Hello again, PolygonArt_WEN, I have an update for you. As it turns out, all console docs (PS4, PS5, Xboxes, Switch) are only available by PDF because of agreements with the console companies, essentially. You can request the PDFs through the Dev Portal, but there are requirements for access.

It’s mentioned in the current EOS documentation, at the bottom of this page:…rms/index.html

“Interested in the console SDK and associated development documentation? Configure your organization access and the documentation will be part of the SDK drop upon First Party approval.”

The doc team is going to update the page to make that more prominent, so that people like yourself more easily figure out how to get access to the docs they need.