No networking blueprints work in my project

Hi, I’ve been trying to get blueprints to start multiplayer games and whatnot, and I watched Epics video and downloaded IronFox’s project to see how to set it up using the game instance to control the important stuff. (I have custom Game Instance, Pawns, Player Controllers…)

The problem is that none of those session commands work. It doesn’t log any errors or give me any information that I can find as to why. IronFox project works. Mine doesn’t, so it’s not a network problem. And I’ve set up the blueprints the exact same way.

Oh and the [OnlineSubsystem] stuff I’ve seen does nothing. I am not using any C++ only blueprints.

Hi Scruffy,

The OSS stuff is necessary to use networking in your game, and doesn’t involve C++. Go to your project folder and open the DefaulEngine.ini file in the Config folder. It should open in a text editor. Add this to the file and save:



This is the default found in the Multiplayer Shootout example found in the Learn tab. If you need to, you can download that as a reference.

Hope that helps!

Ha it works now! Thanks heaps! Haha now I can finish my game! Well, start it really… Putting the default as Null like some people suggested hadn’t changed anything but putting it as Steam works a treat. Does this mean that it will work in Steam straight up or do I have to do something else for steam servers?

Not quite, there’s a bit more setup involved:

But as far as the DefaultEngine.ini is concerned, that should be all you need.