No name kobold rpg


I’m practicing Unreal Engine (I’ve worked on UE before, but only on design and art, now I’m pretty much doing it solo) to transition over from Unity completely after one ongoing project is complete. I’ve been doing development on Unity since 2010 and have now finally decided that Unreal is what I want to invest the next decade on :slight_smile:

Primarily this project is just me making an RPG system and slowly building a game on top. For now it is just a nameless kobold adventure, it might become something else along the way. My end goal is just making a base for top down RPG and then re-use it to build different (kind of) games in the future.

I usually work on it in the weekends to relax and learn, but I don’t work on it every weekend. Here’s some gifs previously recorded over the first 19 weekends of work:

Basic party movement

Basic interaction (looking at things, cursor, etc common things)

Basic conversation system (using Dialogue Plugin for Unreal as a base)

Basic world map travel (player exits through exit nodes, enters back from a different enter node)

Basic combat intro where characters rush towards each other (this will play intro sounds, taunting animations and yelps, and so on)

Basic turnbased combat

Basic combat evasion (wasn’t in the gif above :D)

And this is what I’ve done after that (though I don’t have some combat improvements and pathfinding to show, but showcase those next time). This is weekend 21:

Replacing the blocky characters with a bit more personality and interesting things to watch. I really like how nice and easy the blend shapes are to use in Unreal <3

Works pretty well with the party movement too. Definitely need to add more flair to it (like running up hills is slower, and so on). There’s not many opportunities for the characters to walk, but will adjust those later :slight_smile:

Prior Weekend 24

Kobolds tilt and turn a little bit based on the direction they’re going into. Quite subtle effect, but makes them feel a lot more lively. Also weapons are fixed in gif after this one!

Weekend 24 (my “official” unit of time)

They now use weapons, hold weapons, and attack with weapons based on weapons equipped :slight_smile: