No multi reflections with planar reflections?

so im using two planar refelctions facing each other but. i dont get multi reflections. atleast not properly.

how do i solve this?

it apears that the setting for the planar reflections, do not apply for the reflected reflections.

Hi, were you able to solve this problem?

I have almost the same issue here, I have two planar reflections working as mirrors but one of them isn’t reflecting the other.

I’ve tried almost everything and got no results at all.

alt text

sadly i have not found a solution to my problem. but i will look into your situation, may be i can find the promblem.

planarreflection → details → Scene Capture → open advanced panel → lighting features show flag → screen space reflection. set this to [true]. i hope it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve tried this already and unfortunately it didn’t worked.

It seems that I’ll have to package the project that way because I’m running short on the deadline.

But I’ll keep following this thread until we find a solution.

About your problem Priogeth, I think that this happens because of a “safety measure” so Unreal doesn’t render the scene infinite times, causing problems and crashing your pc.

Kind regards

  1. “project settings” → Engine →
    Rendering → Lighting → Support
    global clip plane for planar
    reflection → set to TRUE.
  2. Add: SphereReflectionCapture to the
  3. Normal Disortion Strength: 0
  4. Prefiltered Roughness: 0
  5. Distance from Plane Fadeout Start.
    needs to be atleast 1 (max for now)
  6. Distance from Plane Fadeout End.
    needs to be 0
  7. Angle from Plane Fade End. Needs to
    be atleast 1
  8. Extra FOV = 10
  9. Render Scene Two Sided = False
  10. Capture Every Frame = True
  11. Max View Distance Override. set to
    a high number. over 2000
  12. General Show Flag → BSP = True
  13. Advanced Show Flags →
    DeferredLighting = True
  14. Visible = True
  15. use this setting for now. if it
    works change then to your needs. i
    hope it helps :slight_smile: