No More Room In Hell 2 - Hiring C++ Programmer

The Game:
No More Room In Hell 2 is the sequel to the popular Source Engine mod No More Room In Hell. With over 7 million downloads, 1000 concurrent players in May 2018, 2 mod of the year awards in 2011, and a Steam approval rating of 90% overall, we have a fantastic and passionate community to market our sequel to. A team of AAA veterans run an organized team that is looking for a C++ programmer to partner with!
During a viral outbreak that has turned the populace into violent monsters, up to eight players cooperate to secure help. A web of gameplay systems combine to create unique map playthroughs in 2km² playgrounds. Combat with the undead is dangerous and difficult, so avoid being seen, smelled, or heard by zombies as you traverse through a randomly populated map finding helpful items along the way. Players must use their smarts, and rely on teammates to secure a way to escape. Those who survive are rewarded with items so they can attempt even more difficult scenarios.

Lever Games LLC. needs a C++ gameplay programmer who can add to, and realize our collective vision.

Recruitment Video
More info in our recruitment video above!


  • We will discuss your interests and strengths and do our best to assign programming tasks that complement your skillset
  • Work intimately with 3 other programmers and collaborate with artists and sound designers
  • Track project milestones in Jira and forums
  • Communicate regularly with the team via Mattermost Chat and Discord, and post weekly forum updates
  • Monthly team meetings via Discord to discuss progress and share updates
  • Document features in our internal Wiki when appropriate


  • 4 years experience with C++
  • 2 years video game development experience
  • 2 years experience with Unreal Engine 4
  • Friendly, passionate and positive attitude with strong collaborative skills
  • Great problem solving skills with elegant solutions

Please DM me for more information or send us an application email to: [EMAIL=“”]

Announce Trailer