No more mediaplayers for phones?

Hi i have a big problem integrating short movies into my project. It works fine in the editor. But once packaged to my phone the movie wont play. That texture stays black then. I really hope somebody can help me out in this, because i am stuck with this for a whole week allready!!the customer really wants short movies in the app. And no url links!

best regards robert

I’m doing the same project, and you can see, the path to video is "\Content\Movies*.mp4.

If it still doesn’t work, you can email me and contact me. This is my email address “

thanks for the help Lingdian. I allready did that. But i found out that not types of media will work on the phone. If i use the same type as my phones creates (.mp4). then it works in the editor, but also on the phone :slight_smile: But still the problem stays unfortunalely. If i put the mediatexturematerial on a plane, it works, but when i try to use the media in a widget, i doesnt work. And again, it works in the editor, but stays black on the phone!
the attachment shows this widget, the texture is the running mediafile (short mp4 movie)

Convert your media into mp4 h.264 and put your files in movies folder.

does that make the widget work you think? Because the media files do play on meshes as material. I think its a problem with the mediafile in a widget. That seems only to work in the editor. But i will try your trick, thanks!