No models in build on Android

I built the stage on the computer, it all started with no problems. The models were exported in FBX format. When checking build such a problem - maps need lightning rebuild> When I compile on my android there is no added models, but only a default . My models are not correct UV, that’s the problem? And how to fix it the easiest way?
Can you feel it’s funny, but I’m still learning. Hah I hope for a quick reply :slight_smile:

Yah invisible objects on build is likely a UV2 problem… just make a blank UV set and name it UV2… ( in Unreal Engine it looks for this name specific as second lightmap uv channel) and that should fix things… possibly. but also this came to my attention and is great info…

this fella Warren Marshall

in particular

lightmapping #19

although not specific to Android I found out that I didnt have second UV for character and it was invisible. On PC no worries… but Android and for me on GearVR it was like I said invisible.

Hope this helps…