No MetaHuman Head Movement with iClone 7 to Unreal via LiveLink

I am using iClone 7 and Unreal Live Link with UE5 to animate a Metahuman. In iClone, I have recorded an Acculips clip and added Head Movement and Face animation. When I use LiveLink to Unreal, the face animation and acculips transfers perfectly, but the Metahuman’s head does not move at all. In iClone, as it plays the recording, the head moves all over, but not on my Metahuman in Unreal.

I confirmed that I have head-rotation enabled in iClone Motion Live (and as stated, it shows the head movement in iClone), and “LLink FaceHead” is checked in my Metahuman Details.

The Metahuman is using the standard blueprint that it comes with “out of the box”.

Above, you can see the iClone link working for the face, but the avatars head is angled up while my Metahuman head is stuck static.

Any help is appreciated, as this had created a roadblock in my animation workflow.

This is the error I receive after streaming thru Live Link. When I click on the “Evaluate Live Link Frame” link, it takes me to the BP node below.

I noticed that the “LLink Face Subject” was listed as some iphone, so I changed it to ACTOR_A, which is the subject streaming from iClone.

Despite the change, my result is still face animation with no head movement.

Hopefully someone can help.

I have installed iClone on a different computer, and successfully connected via LiveLink to a project in 4.27 and 5.0. Both times, same facial movement, and no head movement.

I am convinced it is a UE blueprint issue (specifically Reallusion’s custom BP_Anim blueprint), and not an iClone data-output issue.

I unfortunately do not have the knowledge to take it apart and figure out where the issue is.

Ive The same PROBLEM with head rotation . Did you find a solution?

Nope, no solution. Have had to double my animation process by doing face animation separately from body. Sucks.

Hi i tried an elder Metahuman live Link kit for ue 4.26 and pasted The content folder i to my projekt in ue 5.02and ue 5.1 and accepted The owerwrite. Now my mh head rotate with my iPhone x and live face in iclone 7.93
Best regards Chris

Please follow the diskussion here
Animate MetaHuman in Unreal with iClone Unreal Live Link (
ry to use the “Live Link Kit” you used for UE4.27.
The new Kit is changing the MH Face Skeleton , the old Kit didn’t :

80% of original size (was 626x212) - Click to enlarge

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