No mesh/animation walking footsteps running sound


I made a mesh-free footstep system with this tutorial:

With these systems in place, I added a very simple run function in the blueprints, input run pressed (or not pressed) and set the speed accordingly.

I’m running into an issue in implementing the mesh free audio system for running. When I run, the sound still comes out at walking speed. I imagine it has to do with the footstep interval attached to the “Set Timer By Event”. I thought to make a branch so if left shift was pressed it would speed up the interval and if it wasn’t it wouldn’t, but it didn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hiya @JohnGreska, welcome to the forums!

Do you think you could show us where you’re setting your FootstepInterval float? GetKeyDown seems like the appropriate node, but it’s a little finnicky. Can you grab that and get back to us? :slight_smile: