NO menu navigation when game paused?

Hi All,

I have to debug a pause game menu, and I can’t really get keyboard input to work on it.
I realized this is because the game is actually paused and the controls are ignored.

What is the proper way to do this if not via Pause Game?

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Thanks, but that presents it’s own set of issues.

  1. If adding input to player controller, the controller overrides character behavior - it eats up the input it seems.
  2. If making the character tick while paused, I get all sorts of other problems, as the reason of the pause is 90% so that the character stops ticking…

Currently, I was able to get a function override to check input on the widget.
However this only becomes active after actually clicking a UI button.
No matter what I do with keyboard focus I cannot get the thing to work. Any ideas/suggestions on that?

Psh. nevermind.
If anyone else is having issues AND your menu is animated. You need to run a delay before the set keyboard focus event. Nice way to waste 3 hours… :stuck_out_tongue:

On the plus side, I like the OnKeyDown event override…