No Media Source In Lens Calibration Tool


Totally new to Unreal, I’ve arrived at a situation where I cannot seem to calibrate the lens in 5.1. With the lens file open, the media source option appears to not see the BMD Decklink 4K that is operational with a live comp shot in the background. Having loaded all of the essential plugins, I believe, I am confused as to why this is happening.

Input: BMD Decklink
Engine: Unreal 5.1
Camera: BMDPCC4K
Tracking: Zed 2i
Plugins Loaded: Livelink, Camera Calibration, Livelink Lens, BMD Plugin, Virtual Camera, etc…
Status: Confused

Any wisdom that you have to offer would be sincerely appreciated!


Also, please find pictures of the field in question:

I found the solution! For anyone looking for this, I did not see any literature on the problem but set up a second livelink or third, rather, for the lens component which I added to the cinecamera component. That seems to have done the trick!

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