No materials with C4D export/import

Hi all,

I’m sure this has been covered somewhere here before but here goes anyway.

How on earth do I get the materials in my C4D model to import in to UE? I have to import textures and then create materials. I not to bothered about this, my main issue is adjusting the position of the material once applied. The scale of the mat is not an issue.


is the texture centred in C4D?

Hi Steve, yep, this is what confuses me.

I haven’t really used C4D before but is there a way to freeze transforms and delete history? I know these are important to do in Maya.

Check to see what FBX version you are exporting with as well.

Also is it just that mesh it is happening to?

You are meant to do this kind of things in the UV editor of your 3d app.

Every Material on a model you are planning to use in a realtime enviroment such as UE4 has to have a material projection called UVW-Mapping (to speak with C4D terms).
If you are using other projections like cubic, cylindric, sphere etc. they will be turned to UVW mapping at export.

Still i’d always prefer to turn the material projection to UVW before the export.

Step by Step:

Set up your Texture in an apropriate projection.
In this example cubic mapping will do.
I took a Cube with 400x200x20 and used cubic mapping with the coordinates seen in the picture:

To get this into a usable UVW map, mark all faces of the mesh, right click on the material and choose assign UV coordinates:

Check the result in UV edit layout.
Currently it’s bigger then the UV canvas, which might lead to errors during import into UE4.

First of all, delete the UVs of unseen faces, or delete the geometry of these faces completly.
What you do depends on if these faces might be needed for casting shadows.

Next enable snapping and snap the UV island of one wall side to the other one.

Then select all faces and fit them to the canvas.

If you want to preview the tiling of the texture, use these parameters.
Pro hint: if you use R17.048 with fbx 6.1 2010, these tiling values will be imported as a TexCoord node, so WYSIWYG.

Instead of tiling you could also use an alternate method and divide the wall in a way that one quad has the size of one tile.
I used 4 segments in x 2 segments in y and 1 in z and then made the cube editable.
The rest works just like in the other example pics 2-5, but instead of fitting the whole thing to the canvas i just stacked the UVs on top of each other.

Here’s the example file:

Kraid, your are a gentleman as always. Thanks for the time you spent on the help you posted. I’ll let you know how I get on mate.


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