No Materials get created

Hi, I installed Datasmith through the launcher after I got the entitlement. I have not got any working materials in any model. I must be missing something basic? It was installed with 4.19.0 and upgraded to 4.19.2.

Sketchup 2017 export to Datasmith:
Textures folder is created with correct textures, Materials folder is not created.

3dsMax to Datasmith: No textures or materials folders created.

Import CAD - 3dm v5:
No textures folder created, Materials folder created but with only 1 material always called “color_50”.

Tested with several skp and 3dm files (of course with textures). Only tested 2 Revit 2016 models imported to 3dsMax 2016, which never works well for me anyway. I’m still fairly new to Unreal and don’t know what to try next.


Sketchup requires 4.20 to be functional. 4.19 will have issues you’re mentioning

Thanks, SketchUp and 3dm produce materials now with 4.20.