No Materials for Landscaping

I’ve just downloaded this program and so far its a 1/10. Terrible. I’m comparing it to Lumion, which I didn’t even need a manual/tutorial for and the next day I was producing awesome 3D images and video.

Now, I’ve started up Unreal Engine 4 and can get my landscape. But when I go to add texture, there is no texture file for grass. Is there a setting that needs to be checked or something?

Foliage tools:

There are numerous asset packs (both free and paid for) available through the launcher and marketplace.

this is a game engine, it is primarily used for making games. you create the textures and models in other programs. you can’t say something is 1/10 because you don’t understand what it is.
Lumion is for renders, so of course, they include basic textures to help noobs create something they think is amazing by clicking a few buttons. and if you want to render something amazing, you need to use proper textures and models.
UE4 comes with a huge library of models and textures all for free. you just need to put in at least 2% effort.