no map landscape in main window

Been working on the Island map and making changes to it.
My problem at this point: whenever I load a map in my editor, I get the landscapes in my center view, just not with the Island anymore.
I only see the brackets belonging to all other content (weather, dinospawns etc etc), but I don’t see the Island landscape mass anymore.

It works in Play mode though, but obviously I can’t edit the map this way anymore.

Is there some way to reset/toggle this?

Sounds like your landscape sublevel is not loaded. If you don’t have the “Levels” tab active go to “Window” and check “Levels”. It should bring up the levels window, you want to look for the landscape sublevel and doubleclick it to load. You need to do this will all other sublevels you want to edit/view in the editor aswell.

This did the trick. Thanks.

huh had the same issue, thanks for the answer

uhh, how do I get trees/rocks/bushes to appear now though?

TheWookie does great tutorials on map building, he shows foliage instances and painting foliage that describes how to put that stuff down.

same way u did for the land scape u need to load all the sublevels