No Man's Sky

Putting that level of procedural flexibility into every system they have is pretty amazing. Hopefully I can achieve even a fraction of that with my own.

Hey Zeustiak!

Can’t believe no one ever replied to this thread… No Man’s Sky is mind blowing. I’ve been asking about the possbility of making gmes like this in UE4 for months, but no one seems to care, or no one seems to think its possible, unless UE4 is highly customized at the source code level…

So are you really planning to work on something like this? It would be cool if UE4 was an engine where you could make these type of games… Cheers!

Yeah after seeing the tech in No mans sky’s engine produce such nice looking environments that are procedural and then have them be almost infinite (In a multiplayer environment as well) It makes me kind of look at my own project as ‘meh’ now. I wish UE4 could do this but I mean their terrain engine is so customly built and their engine is created specifically for this purpose from the ground up I’m not sure if we would ever have access to this ability.

On the other hand you could say procedural created worlds can get repetitive and are not as good as hand making everything, but the complexity in the random variation and the amount of variation which actually looks appealing in no mans sky makes you think again. For outdoor environments it really is an awesome thing to be able to visit a planet that is generated in a way you have somewhat created as an artist but is different and something you havent seen before at the same time.

For single player we do have the ability to do infinite worlds in UE4, I’ve seen some impressive procedural works with Unity engine that people have done, maybe someone will create a custom terrain system for UE4 that can have this ability, since I’m not sure if we have full control over the existing one tied to blueprints. The LOD system going from space to land is like an awesome technological achievement in itself. We need a more elaborate terrain solution to generate new chunks as you move along based on your position. We also need a better terrain LOD system for smoother transitions and maybe something could be built on top of the material editor tied to blueprints for random variation with a bunch of world machine data

Hopefully someone from the community or an epic dev may implement this some day. I think it would be a fun project, many other games will most likely be using the tech in their games in the future as well, No mans sky is just the beginning, pioneers & the first people to do it properly harnessing the power of current hardware

Honestly - The no mans sky devs are really the only people who can give Epic Games a run for their money if they ever open up their engine for licensing.

Hello Games is (was) just 4-6 guys, mostly one guy: Sean. Its remarkable…

The guy asks him: “-Why noone has done this before?”
He don’t know why… … The reason is simple; developers hate math :wink: complex math is used for what is absolutely necessary in games only, but that should change. Game creators (not just the tech providers) should all be very intimate with math.
But oh boy, math is so hard. I mean the real maths, like the algorithms they used in this game, is pretty complex and game creators always have a more artistic approach trying to avoid ‘science’ as much as possible.

Their engine is probably only useful for what they’re doing. That’s usually the case

Whats to stop them from adding other gameplay elements to it like a shooter where you can exit the vehicles too? Or any other projectile / traces based gameplay? I mean they already have their terrain system working with multiplayer, there is a slight chance you can encounter another player. Theres AI and everything too… Why is it only useful for “what they’re doing” ? The hard stuff is already there, you could take their engine and do way more than just a spaceship sim with it.

I think the tech could be somewhat duplicated in UE4 in a less complicated way, maybe we would have more terrain lod popping & not as complex differentiation in procedural terrain generation, but I would pay for anything procedural related in the marketplace

If the No Man’s Sky devs made an engine it would look alot like Crysis. Great for what its built for AND if you know how to use it. It would take a decade or more for them to reach even a fraction of the flexibility and general game designing power that UE4 has.

Theoretically you could make No Man’s Sky in UE4. You have the source. Good luck with the math though. And probably rewriting the renderer and who knows how many other tools and systems. Tons and tons of work.

I am more interested in the idea of what No Man’s Sky has achieved. Applying procedural concepts to everything. I want procedural music, terrain, meshes, characters, game systems, etc, etc. You can build in tons of complexity in UE4, but it takes a lot of work and time. Pays off in the end though.

For UE4, that means more procedural access to systems in general, preferably from blueprint. Complete blueprint/procedural access to landscape, world browser, and every other system there is.

In the end, there is always C++ of course. With enough work I am pretty sure you can make anything in it.

Have you come across any example links / work-in-progress CyberDev?

This idea is brilliant. You store nothing, everything is based upon picking a point on a graph essentially. Although I am woefully under-qualified, I want to give a simple version of this a try in blueprints. (No networking involved.)

What are you talking about? How can you compare a game engine with tools like UE4 with a boxy game?

You can do this game in UE4, what stops you?

How is NMS boxy?

It’s hard to see how interesting gameplay will fit into this. Still it may turn out to be one of the better walking simulators.

That’s the crux of the problem with open worlds, and especially procedurally generated ones.

As awesome as No Man’s Sky looks for exploration, I’d be more impressed by a dungeon crawler that could generate interesting conflict procedurally (even if it didn’t have an amazing level generator per se).

People are waiting for a very engaging gameplay like what Star Citizen wants to deliver.
I believe ppl will be very mad when they findout that the gameplay is actually flying to a planet and making lists of new discovered animal species then repeat…

My ideas exactly. At first I was really excited about No Man’s Sky but now I think we all get bored in a very little time. I’ll give it a shot of course but I think Star Citizen will be the star.

After No Mans Sky came out I was heartbroken,I’m a 14 year old thinking I was going to create the next AAA Game nobody’s ever heard of or maybe even thought about. So i went into production, just me and only me. I got alot of cool things done with Unity game engine but with what they’ve done I could never outbeat that. I don’t have the manpower or scripts to do my idea. Sadly this is as far as i got. Don’t mind the sunlight that was the last part I was on. Also the rotations were a bit off. Goodbye Space Project. Sorry for my voice for whomever it concerns.[video][/video]

From a technical point of view its an amazing piece of kit, as a game not so much.
hoping free DLC will fix that abit

I can’t see how DLC will do anything big, it took 5 years to get to where they are