No longer able to save map due to datasmith data in an external package

Occasionally, when converting an object into a blueprint class in a level in which a datasmith file has been imported, This error occurs: Graph is linked to private objects in an external package (Datasmith user asset data).

It happens both with assets that were created with datasmith and not.

Q: Is there a way to clear the datasmith user data or remedy this problem?

(I figured out the solution to this shortly after posting)

A: There is an “Asset user data” category at the bottom of the object’s detail panel, clearing the datasmith user data asset from this has solved the error and allowed the object to save.


great u found way. i think error massage saying solution missing chain of references object. answer was in error.

Thank you for saving me, I spent an hour searching this ■■■■ issue

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Life saver! Thank you ))