No landscape imported from file if texture is 8192x8192

This might be a bug ? Importing a 4096x4096 .r16 file is fine but when a 8192x8192 .r16 heightmap map is imported nothing happens, the engine creates a label for the landscape but there is nothing there. Can someone confirm please ?

HI marcomaryred,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-24996, to be assessed by the development staff. Having said that, 8192x8192 is an extremely large heightmap and will most likely have difficulty importing. It may be beneficial to switch to a tiled world build when dealing with landscapes of this scale.

I thought so too but It’s nice to have some confirmation, I’ll look into tiled world builds then, thank you !

This bug has been fixed for 4.11. Thanks for the report!