No Keyboard Events

So Im trying to use the AnimGraph to make an animation fire and continue to fire as long as the user has the Left Shift key held. I then realized Im missing the entire “Keyboard” section under “Input” as shown in the image. Is there some reason why Im missing this? Is that not supposed to show?

I have the same problem. I’m trying to make a button on the keyboard cycle through meshes in construct mode on an actor blueprint but there are no keyboard event nodes to choose. Is this a problem with missing starter content? I selected blank project and its the only noticeable difference between this project and other projects where I find the keyboard event nodes no problem. OP if you resolved this please inform me.

The reason why no keyboard events showing up in your “Input” field might be your language settings for UE4 editor.

If you are using Chinese as your default UE4 language, you might find “输入” together with “Input” in all the action list. However, you should find keyboard events as"键盘事件" in “输入”, rather than “Input”.

It’s recommended to set English as default language to keep the uniform standard.

I’m having this same issue. I’m pretty sure that I have never run the engine using Chinese. I wouldn’t get very far if I did.

Same issue, I had keyboard events. My game was working, showed my friends. Then saved, took a break and they’re gone!? Is this fixed 2022?