No Inventory Structs as in tutorial: UMG Inventory in UE4

Hi there,

That is a custom made Struct that gets created in an earlier video. You can see it here at 7:15 of this video:

To create a struct, right click in the content browser, highlight the “Blueprints” menu near the bottom and select Structure, then you can name your structure InventoryStruct, and fill it with the variables shown in the video.

Hope that helps!

In the video tutorial titled “UMG Inventory in UE4 – Part 5 – Scripting the Pickup Text and Inventory Menu” I’m working through, the tutorial guy starts talking about an array of “Inventory Structs”, but there is nothing coming up! Did this get removed/renamed before 4.6? What can I do instead?

Thanks! I must’ve skipped over that somehow. D’oh.

Wow, that vid is just what I need! Thanks for directing me to it haha

Haha, no problem! It’s boring work on the data part of the game but important to do. :slight_smile: