No inputs are working


I’ve created a new project (blank -> mobile/scaleable -> with starter content).

Now i’m trying to play around with inputs so i have followed some guides and i can’t seem to get anything to work. Its a bit frustrating actually.

I have created a new player controller and a new game mode.

I have flicked the “enable mouse/touch inputs” on/off. but no results.


Now this is the latest thing i tried but not even this works?

Why is this?

To note: i’m a total beginner when it comes to UE4 and blueprints.

So what blueprint is that mapping inside? Have you set the corresponding pawn/character as default in the game mode?


That blueprint resides inside the level blueprint.

No i have not set the pawn/character as default in game mode.

I did try and set the default pawn class to pawn now, and pressing Q it prints the string :slight_smile: thank you Bobby!