No input is working on template side scroller project

I am running into something very strange. I just created a new template side scroller and 2D side scroller. When I play either of these no input is being accepted - I cannot even press “Escape” to stop Play. Its very weird… I have not done anything but create a project using the blueprint template and pressed Play button (no Enable input shennanigans etc)… no clue as to what I am missing here. I am a novice but I did not do anything here other than to create a template project… can someone please help?


Since UE4.13 you have to click on the screen after pressing play. Did you try that?

Thanks a ton man. I feel so stupid now… God, these version changes are wrecking me and I have to ask such silly questions out here…
Anyway it works once I click on the play window…

Thanks again :slight_smile: