No input in [X+1] player blueprint

I try to setup a local 3 person split screen racing game with vehicles.
Every player should have his own blueprint. For now I tried to setup 2, and they actually work, but I just cant get keyboard input via the Input Node in the second player node.

My nodes look like this:

Hi Eduard!
I’m not sure about this as i didn’t tried anything related to multiplayer, but
maybe in that begin event you show in your screenshot, to enable the Input in your second character you should use 1 as player index.
I mean in the “Enable Input” node for the second player instead of conecting the “Get Player Controller” node with 0 as Player Index in its “Player Controller” pin try and connect the “Get player Controller” with 1 in its Player Index.
Sorry if that’s not the problem but as i said i never tried anything like that before so i’m just trying to help throwing a (maybe yes, maybe not xD) crazy idea.

Hey, I tried different approaches, also your approach, I have not enough time to post all here :slight_smile: I try now to use a Blueprint alone for the input handling, and use some Direct Blueprint Communication, to somehow get the input into my second player trough this.

Heres my solution