no input in the level blueprint

Hi all…
I ve created this cutscene but when i press spacebar for skip the cutscene nothing happens…why?
Where i wrong?

The BeginPlay is called before you press Spacebar. You need to connect the Exec of the
Set Inzio with the branch, otherwise you will only set the bool to true and that’s it.

But now if i set the input modeui only i can’t press the spacebar…but if i not set i can move in the cutscene ç_ç
And then when if i jump i can still press q and the action of the true still go in i press space…
Why O.o? The branch go to the true

UIOnly blocks the the Game Input. So it blocks the SpaceBar. You need to rethink your system.
If you need to block certain movement but keep the SpaceBar bool Input in the LevelBlueprint working,
you must use other methods to block the Movement Input.

For example use a bool in the Character that you put in front of the movement Inputs with a branch
and set that to false instead of the Inputmode to UIOnly.