No images on widget in shipping version

I’ve created a 3d widget menu around my hand.
I’m loading images(jpg/png) from file using a c++ function and then ‘set brush from texture’. In debug all works fine. In the shipping version(windows) all my images turn white exept the ones that I defined right in the widget.
The filepaths of the pictures are the same in debug/shipping version.

Someone can help me with this?

Kind regards

Try do add image directories to both additional directories to cook - asset and non-asset. In theory only asset directory should work, but sometimes it doesn’t… That should do. You will find these settings in ProjectSettings>Packaging.

In generall debug/development build is more like a copy of a editor game binary. Shipping is the onle one “real” standalone build which behaves differently. Really important to test your project in shipping build as often as possible.

non-asset → That fixed it !

We are having the same issue again! The images of all menu items dissapeared again in the shipping version.
Adding them to asset and non-asset doesn’t do the fix anymore.

And you did the following?