No hit events or blocking with attached axe when swing toward tree

Hi together,

i have a hopefully simple problem. I have an axe attached to my character and if i swing this axe agains a tree, there is no blocking. Just an overlap. I have tried many things like “block all”, change Object type or take a static mesh or as an actor.
What do you need to help me. An overlapping axe is not real enough :smiley:

Thanks in advance

No one who can help?

I think we need more information first. What is your axe? Is it an actor? And how is it “attached” to the character - as a child actor component or with the “Attach actor to actor” node?

How are you swinging the axe? Is it handled through an animation or are you directly manipulating the axe’s location and rotation?

Have you changed the collision type in the axe collision area?

Hey here are some informations:
I have tested it with an actor and a static mesh. The Animation is created with a note “play animation” and i have tried many collision presets.
Below are some pictures of the actors

Have you confirmed that the overlap is triggering properly? It seems to me the direction you could take would be to stop the animation when an overlap is detected.

Ok thank you. Now the axe set a variable to true if it overlapps something an in my character with event tick i check it an play the animation mode to stop the animation.

Thanks for helping Chumble :wink:

You’re welcome! Although I would rather see it done without using event tick to check a value. If your axe had a reference to your character, it could directly call an event to stop the animation when overlap is triggered.

You are right Chumble. I have change this and now my Axe_BP says the character when he overlap something and start a function to stop the animation.

Thanks again. This helped me for more than this