No hit detection?

Hey everyone! I have two box colliders with both set to block all and I want one of them to detect the other through On Component Hit and they arent detecting one another they are just overlapping one another. The hit event detects everything else though… Please can someone help me out, thank you! :smile:

Ensure that one or both of them has Simulate Physics enabled. Maybe check the Player Collision view too.

But when I enable simulate physics, the boxes just fall to the floor?

What exactly are you trying to do; how do you want the boxes to react?

I want them to collide with one another and block one another but at the moment they just overlap one another and dont detect each other but detect everything else like the player

You cannot move a static object and expect it to collide with other static objects. You could implement constraints on the cubes with simulated physics if you don’t want them to fall to the floor.

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