No help in Forum and Answerhub

I try to develop a simple game, but it is impossible due to strange results in UE4.

Neither in Answerhub or this Forum i get an answer.

Is there any support team at Epic Games?

Hey, I have a bug report of my own submitted, and I was wondering why I wasn’t getting support too. So I contacted Epic and long story short, it takes time. There already seems to be some traction on your AnswerHub from the staff member, and I would stick to AnswerHub in general, I believe thats where the bulk of support is done. Hope you get it resolved, try following up with additional info

EDIT: I looked at your project, I changed some design decisions you have made as well as some blueprint logic, works fine now in mobile preview and packaged game. PM me your skype and we can go over this on a call

Hi everyone,

Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee a response from Epic on any post made on the forums or answerhub. However we do try to get to every bug report listed and I’ve brought the bugs both of you have posted to the attention of the staff members assigned to them.

Hey Adam, we appreciate all the support we get, and I know its hard to support the volume of inquiries you get. Hopefully there is a process in place to quick-grade them into 2 categories at least, genuine bugs and users doing something wrong. The later is probably also hopefully intercepted by community to assist you guys. I apologize is something in my post came off as demanding or whiny :slight_smile:

@GreVo, figured out a workaround for you to get the same functionality PIE and mobile preview, let me know how to get in touch with you to pass some of this on (not easy to put into a post)

Hi guys,

Though a response to general questions is not guaranteed as Adam said, when it comes to bug reports and issues with installing/setting up the engine we always want to ensure a technician is investigating. I’ve spoken to Whittlief and a response has been posted with an update. Please respond to that post with the requested information and Whittlief will be able to continue investigating.

I got some feedback on my issue too! Today seems to be a good day :slight_smile:

Thanks for chiming in and confirming that bugs and installs are a bit of more important ones. Thankfully in case of GreVo, it was not a bug, he just had phys constrains set up a bit weird. I’ll show him what and how I changed to get it working as soon as he gets in touch