No HairWorks or TressFX?

Greetings. The game graphics are just top notch. I noticed that there are many furry animals in the game ranging from bears, wolves, mammoths, siberteeth, gigantopithecus, castoroides, in sum all mammals: and others with feathers, and coats with fur may benefit from it and without forgetting the characters’ hair of course.

I know you will say this insane since the game barely runs without such demanding effects (it doesn’t run well for me too) and it needs optimizations first, but it doesn’t hurt at all if their add such extra features for the fun just to make the game more believable like Witcher 3 and Far Cry games.

Both NVidia HairWorks and GPUOpen effects are available and can work with UE4. No need to rush such features: we can wait after the devs optimize the game.

It is just a suggestion and I hope devs will take into consideration (I hope devs read these forums :stuck_out_tongue: ). Thanks.

Game already runs at potato FPS. Maybe when that’s fixed?

Did you even bother to read the whole post? He already mentioned that the game runs “so-so” at the moment and needs optimization first.

But yeah great suggestion in my opinion. I’m all in for even better looking graphics once the game is in more advanced stage.

I was clarifying, game runs at potato FPS,not simply ‘so-so’.

Last year, Nvidia Devs promised that they will add GameWorks to the game:

I hope this will be true and that they will add HairWorks and FLEX (for jiggly bellies of the dinosaurs and invertebrates like the achatina).

That article was before ark even came out into EA iirc.

Just like DX12 was coming with SOTF… don’t hold your breath. Nvidia are paying wildcard money for partnership so they don’t do anything until they’re ready. and yes, potato FPS is pretty much bog standard ARK fps… game needs a lot of maturation before things like this are gonna get put in.