No gravity on ragdoll/physics asset

Here is my problem: the project gravity is -980. Everything works fine, except the ragdolls.
I upgraded my project to 4.26 some months ago and did a lot of things. Today I killed a enemy… Suprise: no gravity on the the ragdoll. I opened my old 4.23 project and simulated all my physics assets and the ragdolls falls as it should. There is gravity and everything works fine. On 4.26.2 all my ragdolls doesn’t work.
I guess I messed some project setting. The gravity works OK on my 4.26 project, but only the ragdolls aren’t affected by it. Looks like 0 gravity for the ragdolls. I falls on slow motion.
I really have no idea on what happened.

It’s really bad because I was doing the lasts tests before release the game. lol

This low gravity problem is happening also when I destroy destructible meshes.
It doesn’t happen when my character jump.

Here is the solution:

My previous project had this project setting: Max Physics Delta Time: 0.033333
When I updated the engine, for some reason I changed the value to 0.0013.

So I fixed just oppening the Project Settings and then I changed the “Max Physics Delta Time” to 0.033333, and now everything is working fine.

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