No Get Ref for actor subclass array?

Hey. When i take an array variable set to use a actor subclass, and I drag out of it I only see get a copy instead of get a ref for an input index. Why is this?
Is there any way to get a reference instead of a copy?

For objects you always get a reference, the tooltip of Get here is misleading. Despite the returned object being a “copy” only, changes made to this item will be propagated back to the array.

For non-object variables, you can right click the node and choose whether it’s a copy or a reference and set-by-ref accordingly:

Oh! I hope someone fixes that, that’s very confusing. Well, thank you! How do I submit a bug report for this?

sorry to resurrect a dead thread but i was running low on sleep and noticed this same thing and googled it but then i came to my senses and realized. its not a bug. an array of objects (ie: custom actors) isn’t an array of objects at all… its an array of object REFERENCES. so you’re copying the reference which gives u a reference to the object (the object being a custom actor).

It is still present nearly three years later and highly confusing.