No Forum Avatar

I just found this curious today. I am not sure if this was brought up before or not but why can’t we have profile pics and Posts avatars? Seems that option has been deactivated. was just curious if this was by mistake and nobody cared enough or if it was by choice. If we could have avatars that would be great. I just feel naked on here haha!

This has already been asked before but it would be good if there are any official statements about that :slight_smile:

e.g Why doesn't the forum have avatars? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

I think it was by choice, but that’s just an speculation. Although personally, I prefer it this way, most of the posts are shorter, considering most guys don’t have long signatures, and besides a real issue will reoccur, just like we had in some other forums, like UDK ones.

Right now you are forced to read the name of the poster, and you actually get used to it in no time, I for one already did. But if/when the avatars come back, you start tagging people with their avatar, and after a while you just don’t read the names anymore if the poster has an avatar, while it seems like a benefit, it quickly becomes a problem when the new wave of users come along that start reusing other’s avatars, and you keep mistaking them with the older guys, luckily right now, that’s something that won’t happen. Just my 2 cents.

Avatars? It’s nothing I’d really consider valuable, or even all that interesting. I have to further agree with Farshade12 on the above statement.

The closest thing i’d want to see to an avatar would be something like a second title where you can set it to the field you are most proficient in with Unreal 4.
This could make it a bit easier to find certain info, specifically info that you did not know you wanted to know in the first place. If you see somebody who comes up with a great Blueprint idea, and they have it listed that they are most proficient in Blueprint, you can check their post history to see if they have any other ideas or pieces of advice regarding BPr that could benefit your project.