no Fog Goggles ?

hi there
do think it’s even possible to make a “no-Fog-Goggle”?
kinda something like the scuba goggles…

how is fog made in ARK? Post Process? volume shader?

or how about a night vision device?
can i adjust something like the global gamma via a BP?

thanks in advance for your inputs.

Have you looked at the Shadow Steak Buff? it changes te min and max exposure to allow for a kindof “night vision” you might need to see how the scuba goggles work to maybe apply that “green layer” or “desaturated look (everything black and white)” depending on how you want the night vision to work.

As for the fog, etc. Sorry, maybe if you can figure out the layer, while you’re messing with the render stuff you can make it like a IR or heat-sensitive scanner and have living things show up/render even in the fog. But that’s stuff I haven’t been able to reach yet.

thanks for your input!
this looks very promising. i’ll need some more time to look at this.

is there any way we can have day/night in a test level?

Good Idea! i’m not yet shure how to achieve that…

Now I can’t offer any input on the how-to (because you’d also need to only render those that are visible (no see through walls) someone that has worked or done work with rendering with UR4 or better yet modded rendering functions for ARK. Also I think there Is a way for day/night, thus another part of modding for ARK I have not had the grace of getting to.