No email reply since 16th about submission

Hey there, I was asked by the marketplace team to send an amended version of my scifi beams and lasers pack some time ago and since then I’ve not heard anything back.
I have sent a couple of emails asking for an update but they appear to be bouncing back with the title [Epic Games] Re: Stage:.
I was wondering if I could find out about any updates on whether my pack has been accepted and if it is, when I could expect it to go live?
As far as I know based on the feedback I got I’ve made all the requested changes and the marketplace team seemed enthusiastic about the submission.

Hi there,

I’m sorry for the delay in response. We do have your submission and it is currently being staged for release now. You do have a release date so if you would like to private message me I will let you know when that is. You should be hearing back on that ticket soon. Please let me know if you need anything else.



Hey there, thanks for that, I’ve sent you a PM on the forums as I’m not sure how to do that here on the answerhub.