No Email notifications for the forum?

Hi, there is no more email notifications for the replies? I received no notification for the threads I’m subscribed. I use the forum as support for my marketplace stuff, it worked fine with the old forum. And yes, I re-subscribed to the threads in the new forum because all subscriptions were gone.

PS By subscribed i mean “watching”, also “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic” is set to Always in parameters.

Have you looked under the User Preferences → Email menu? The default setting for emailing is “only when away”… maybe that’s malfunctioning? I think you should make sure it’s set to “always”.

It’s like that:

I see.

Actually, I found that the email in preferences is like “some random numbers”@no-email.invalid
But there is no way to change it. Maybe tat’s the problem? They lost the email during forum migration?
I hope some from forum admins check this

Also getting this issue, please fix it or allow us to change our notification email to something valid.

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Just wanted to say, there is still no email notifications. And no answer…